✜ Environment & Ethical Management

We promise that All the Staffs in Castop Company will try to make the best Efforts to achieve the Policy of Environment to preserve the clean Environment and Nature.

◑ Environmental Policy

Our Executives and Employees set the following environmental policy in order to impress and impress customers and stakeholders, and to systematically operate the management system to prevent environmental accidents in advance and to become a company that pursues trust and satisfaction in the environment. And Environmental Targets should be reflected in the business plan and continuous improvement should be implemented.

  1. Practice of compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
  2. Recycling Promotion and Cost Reduction Improvement
  3. Environmental Preservation fulfillment of Social Responsibility

◑ Detailed practice items

01 Resources and energy should be used efficiently, waste should be recycled and minimized.
02. All of the parts of process, product, and service keep reducing the pollution by minimizing influence of the environment.
03. Ground, air, and the lake should be prevented from environmental pollution by observing the requirement from environment policy, rules, and all concerned parties.
04. Let all the staffs recognize the importance of observation of the environmental system by constructing and executing the system of environment management.
05. The system of environment management should be motivated by setting up and performing the detail goals and environment goal which can take continuous improvement by applying new skills and process to the manufacturing and development.
06. The policy of environment should be opened to take the advantage in competition as acquisition of environmental credit.

◑ Code of Conduct for Employees

  1. We comply with laws and regulations and all codes of ethics.
  2. We listen to customers’ opinions and act to receive infinite trust.
  3. Make your work life more rewarding with mutual respect.
  4. Mutual disrespectful words and actions, payments, and gambling are prohibited.
  5. Do not disclose internal and customer information acquired during business.
  6. Do not engage in unethical behavior related to sexual harassment.
  7. We maintain transparent and fair transactions with suppliers.
  8. We do not receive money, gifts, or entertainment with business partners
  9. We strive to create an environment-friendly corporate culture.
  10. I endeavor to become an exemplary person who practices from me.