✜ President Message

CASTOP aims to become a global first-class company based on human resources and technology.​
We, Established in 1998, is a company specializing in casting, processing, and assembling high-pressure die casting products of automobile STEERING PART, TRANSMISSION PART, ENGINE PART, and MOTOR PART. We are working hard to introduce our own products.​
We strives to produce products that can give the highest satisfaction to customers and to secure world-class independent technology in the same industry. Since 2018, we have been sharing the history of the growth of the future car industry in Korea by mass-producing motor housing products that are mounted on electric vehicles.​

In the future, Castop will strive to become a company full of energy through constant challenges and a company that produces products that impress customers infinitely. We ask for your interest in watching Castop grow into a global first-class company leading the future of automotive technology.​

Thank you.

CEO Byeong Hwan, Jung